Top 8 Beyond Organic-Youngevity Questions Answered

If you haven’t figure it out yet, Beyond Organic, the amazing company started by The Maker’s Diet’s Jordan Rubin, has teamed up with a company called Youngevity. You probably have some questions. We’ve tried to pretend like you and ask those questions right on this page so you don’t have to.


1. “Wait, What?! What’s Youngevity?”

Youngevity is a technologically advanced nutritional company dedicated to improving lifestyles by promoting vibrant health and flourishing economics. Youngevity is a 12-year-old stable company that is publicly traded and has a proven track record. Since 1997 Youngevity has been providing innovative health care products to people worldwide and helping people wake up feeling full of energy and vitality, functionaing at top form, both mentally and physically, having a glow of radient good health, that’s what Youngevity is about. Full company info here.

2. “Ok… but who is the founder of Youngevity?”

Joel Wallach founder of YoungevityDr. Joel Wallach is legendary in the nutrition industry. He is a Nobel Prize nominated, bio-medical research scientist. He’s a Naturopathic doctor with over 75 peer reviewed articles and has co-authored 8 books.   Due to his relentless pursuit of scientific truths and a willingness to change the status quo, he has improved the health of millions!

Dr. Joel Wallach and Jordan Rubin’s partnership will allow for the  further spread of Beyond Organic’s message of health and hope. Both sides are excited to join forces with  more great products and the ability to broadcast a healthy message quickly and widely  resulting in more and more people being exposed to the Beyond Organic mission and Youngevity message. 

3. “Wait a minute. What does Jordan Rubin Say about this?”

By 2020 Jordan Rubin’s goal was to help over one million people change their diet, change their life, and change their world, through the message of Beyond Organic.

Jordan Rubin's Prayer on TBN Show "Living Beyond Organic"Jordan Rubin announced in a recent team call that “this was a family that we wanted to join. Beyond Organic would greatly benefit from the leadership, the expertise, and frankly from the excitement and comradery that Youngevity offers.”

He continues, “Beyond Organic: the brand, products, and leaders are now part of the greater and global Youngevity family… Beyond Organic and its message will be able to resonate with a much larger group of people. but the youngevity family of products will avail itself to the Beyond Organic leaders.  Beyond Organic is able to maintain its identity  while having strength in numbers, and strength in passion, that I just could not have asked for or imagined.”

Jordan goes on,“The journey may not have been exactly the way we have planned, but we are that much closer to experience our goals and dreams, and we are doing it with so many more like-minded individuals”

4. “But what does this mean to me–a previous customer or a mission marketer of Beyond Organic?”

Beyond Organic with Jordan RubinIt means you can still get your Beyond Organic products and if you’d like to become a distributor you can make even more money than before with Youngevity’s lucrative compensation plan. You can view it here: Youngeity Compensation plan.

If you are ready to order some more products, its as easy as logging in to your back office through a new Youngevity Portal:

STEP 1: CLICK HERE to visit the Youngevity Resource Center.
STEP 2: Enter your current Beyond Organic ID Number and Password and click ‘submit’.  ( if you do not know your old ID number, I can give you the Youngevity generated ID number – but you would need to know your password or get this from Youngevity customer service)

STEP 3: View your new Youngevity ID, Username and Password information. (After you hit submit, you need to scroll down on the page just a little bit as it appears below)

STEP 4: Choose one of the two provided links to login to your Replicated Website or Back Office.

If you would rather use a phone to order, use the Youngevity US orders phone number (800) 982-3197

If you decide to call and were a previous customer or mission marketer you should be in the system, but if you are not, make sure you tell them you were a customer beforehand, and tell them who your enroller was.  If you were enrolled by me, Paul Martinez, than you can tell them to use the enroller number 101268382.

5. “So… how does one make money with Youngevity, the new home of Beyond Organic?”

Make Money with Youngevity

I could explain it to right here, but I always think videos explain things much better than text.

Watch this video for a brief introduction to Youngevity, it’s mission, and their main products, as well as how you can start earning a stream of income using its proven system.

6. “Will I have support?”

Youngevity has an amazing support system with daily calls, weekly calls, events, email newsletters, magazines, and a wonderful customer service staff ready for your call during business hours. Check out the growing member resources here

Of course your upline is also here for you with any questions and to help you get started. You can call my personal cellphone 704-898-1985.

7. “Ok so how do I get started?”

It’s Easy! If you are already a Beyond Organic customer or mission marketer, log in to Youngevity’s back office using the instructions a few paragraphs up.   Then click the “new order” shopping cart button, and if its still June 2014, than you can order $300 or more to be CEO qualified and you’ll become a 3rd rank, “Independent Marketing Director”. If its past June, you’ll need to order  a CEO pack  to become CEO qualified and to reach the same rank.

If you are a NEW customer, use this Youngevity Shop page to check out the products and to become a distributer for only $10!

Visit the Beyond Organic -Youngevity Online Store

8. “What if I have more in depth questions or need help?”

If you need help with anything get in touch with me and my team,

Leave a comment below,
or Email me :
or Call me: 704-898-1985
or if you don’t need any help but just want to know where to sign up visit this site: Youngevity Enrollment Packages

7 thoughts on “Top 8 Beyond Organic-Youngevity Questions Answered

  1. Saundra

    Hey, I am not a member and was not interested in selling. However, I was interested in purchasing the products for the Daniel Fast that Jordan Reubin spoke about on his site. Is this available? How can I purchase it? Thank you.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi there Saundra, Jordan Rubin’s company as you have read above, has merged with Youngevity. With that merge, there were a few changes that took place to increase efficiency. The Daniel Diet, as described by Jordan in his book provided by Beyond Organic is no longer being offered. However there is a really awesome guided program offering coaching, support and nutrition for a successful 14 day cleanse called the “Get Real” 14 Day Plan. Check it out here:

      Hope that helps! have a wonderful rest of your week.

      1. Saundra

        Thank you. I will be purchasing this product. However, before doing so, is there a 21 day fast and/or products to be purchased separately to extend the cleanse without purchasing two complete kits of the GET REAL programs that you’ve mentioned? What do you suggest? I would like to purchase by 6/26/2014 and start July 1.

        1. admin Post author

          If you are reading The Maker’s Diet Revolution by Jordan Rubin, he lays out an option where he lists the foods you should buy to eat according to the Daniel Diet. If you don’t have the book its available on kindle or hardcover here:
          I suggest you get a GET REAL program which will help you with getting started which gives you the awesome products Jordan has produced , and use the guidelines in the Makers Diet Revolution to get your other foods for your fast.
          Make sense?

  2. Charisse

    I am already a Youngevity rep but I see Jordin rubin advertising water. How do I order the water? I do not see it in our back office.


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