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“Living Beyond Organic” Television Show with Jordan Rubin

Sign up for more information on Living Beyond Organic with Jordan RubinWell those who know about Jordan Rubin and Beyond Organic are very excited and pumped up about the brand new TV series called “Living Beyond Organic” It’s airing on TBN and on TBN’s HD Online Channel located at tbn.org . If you’ve recently watched you probably heard about the promotion Beyond Organic TV. You can get Jordan’s book FREE, see the link below.

"Living Beyond Organic" with Jordan Rubin on TBN

Watch Episode One of "Living Beyond Organic with Jordan Rubin"Watch Episode Two of "Living Beyond Organic with Jordan Rubin"
“Living Beyond Organic”
is be hosted by Jordan Rubin and aired for the first time on Friday October 7th on TBN. The time slot scheduled is Friday Mornings 10:30am PST.


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Here is TBN‘s Description of the show:

Jordan Rubin Living Beyond Organic”

Jordan Rubin’s life was saved when he discovered God’s Biblical keys to healthy living. Today, he continues his pursuit of extraordinary health by applying cutting edge science with the practice of ancient Biblical truths. Join Jordan in his quest to transform the health of this world one life at a time–beginning with you! “

Screengrab TV Show Living Beyond Organic with Jordan Rubin and GuestsThe new TV Show is great way for Jordan Rubin and the Beyond Organic crew to reach out to a large audience and bring them into the company so that more and more lives can be impacted positively as they can change their diet and live more healthy lives as well as help change others’ lives for the better.

TBN Living Beyond Organic Screen ShotThe “Living Beyond Organic” tv show produces dozens of visual tools that will be repurposed to help those in the company to use and share with others.  The show is dynamically shot in HD on the ranch in Missouri with Jordan Rubin teaching basic principles and building blocks of the Beyond Organic mission and company. Come back to this page for more information or you can sign up for Beyond Organic if you haven’t yet and receive corporate updates regularly. Want more info on Jordan Rubin Click Here.

Want to learn more about Beyond Organic by Jordan Rubin click the link below to watch a video and sign up today.

Watch Video on Beyond Organic TV

Let’s face it, almost everyone watches TV and if you are into Beyond Organic, there is a chance that you heard of it on TV, possibly on TBN’s show “Praise the Lord” or “Behind the Scenes.” At first Jordan was on TBN’s Praise the Lord “Doctor’s Night” Sept 29, 2011. You can watch it free right now here “TBN Watch Us Archive”

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The insider information gathered about this new tv show was from a webinar by Beyond Organic founders and can be found in the back office tab under tools and training when you sign up with Beyond Organic.

Jordan Rubin on TBN for Beyond Organic

Jordan Rubin on TBNJordan Rubin was recently on the  TBN ( Trinity Broadcasting Network) show “Behind the Scenes – with Matt & Laurie Crouch” speaking about his new mission marketing company, Beyond Organic.

If you tuned in you learned about the awesome new company he started and the great products sold nationwide including organic raw cheese, organic dairy product, green-fed beef and dairy, mountain spring water, organic pro-biotic chocolate and more! See all the Beyond Organic products described here.

Beyond Organic by Jordan Rubin Overview Video
Click here to watch latest Video for Beyond Organic

If, you want additional information about this company and its mission, please use this link Request More info for Beyond Organic FREE

Whether you are interested in his mission work, love to have the amazing organic food for your family, or can see this as a huge financial opportunity, we’ll work with you to accomplish this.

*Remember you need to click here to learn more about Beyond Organic.

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<July 20 2011 Update! Watch the video right here!>