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Hotdogs and Bacon and Cancer Oh My!!

Thank you : http://www.flickr.com/photos/blake/Its official: A link between eating processed meat, such as bacon or sausages, and pancreatic cancer has been shown by researchers. This is just one of many studies linking processed meats to many different types of cancers additionally including colorectal cancer, leukemia. Reason number ONE: Nitrites & Nitrates!

HEY WAIT! Don’t just take my word for it:

  • Read about BBC News’ take on it here.
  • See “Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s” Good Medicine article here.
  • Cancer Prevention Coalition talks about it too, here.

That’s just getting started just google “processed meat cancer” and you’ll be amazed at how many articles are just now being written while schools are still serving thousands of processed hotdogs and meat to our young ones everyday.

The main study was published in the British Journal of Cancer and they found that eating processed meats such as bacon, sausage, salami, pepperoni and hotdogs increases your risk for developing pancreatic cancer  by 19 percent for every 50 grams of processed meat you consume.  What’s crazy about that one sausage link constitutes about 50+ grams.

The World Cancer Research Fund has advised people to completely avoid processed meat. The nitrates used for preserving these types of meats convert into nitrosamines which has been linked to a number of cancers.  It gets worse, processed meats with nitrites are shown to increase your risk of :

  • Bladder cancer by 59 percent
  • Colon cancer by 59 percent
  • Stomach cancer by 38 percent
  • Pancreatic Cancer by 67 percent (one of the worse cancers!)


Whats the solution?

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Do you know what’s in your food? INFOGRAPHIC

Food LabelEvery American needs to know what they are eating.  We are being duped everyday into believing we are eating “good” food, when the fact of the matter is that may be eating GMO, MSG, Hydrogenated oils and non-organic synthetic junk. We must be educated to protect our health and the health of our family.

I stand behind the company:  Beyond Organic by Jordan Rubin because with them I know exactly where my beef and dairy are coming from. I know it is all organic and to the highest standard of quality and I know that it is better than just “good food” its amazingly nutritious and totally organic.  If you want more info on Beyond Organic get more info for FREE here.

Know what you are eating!

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Food Labeling What You Should Know
Source: Reusable bags

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Is Monsanto the DEVIL?

Go onto google and type: “monsanto is”Is Monsanto the Devil?    here are the suggestions you get…
“monsanto is evil”
“monsanto is bad”
“monsanto is THE DEVIL”

The problem with Monsanto is not really Monsanto and its beyond just one company or even a group of corporations, the real problem behind all of the evil things you see in Monsanto is….Greed.   Do not blame the corporations anymore because guess what, corporations are made up of people and those people are your cousins, your aunts, your uncles, and maybe YOU.  We are the greedy ones, and we have created this mess ourselves, and to think that we can blame someone else is just getting away from the point that we are  the source of the problem.  So… what can we do about it?

What can we as “good citizens” do to turn around the sad situation of GREED?

First off, understand that our hearts need a savior, we are lost in our sinful passions without GOD. Theres no gettting away from that.  Realize that and seek GOD through his son Jesus Christ.

Secondly, invest your time and money in foods and beverages and companies that are responsible for making the world a better place. Look for sustainable practices that keep our earth healthy. Look for food products that are more interested in giving us nutrition than giving us cheap filler. One company that comes to mind is Beyond Organic, farm fresh all organic food that can be delivered straight to your house. Learn about it here: Beyond Organic Foods & Beverages , but there are really so many out there, support one!

Third, educate everyone you know about food. So many people live in ignorance and are happy to eat poptarts, fruity pebbles, and hot pockets their whole life. They think thats what food is. Kindly educate them before its too late.  Aren’t you happy you received information about what you eat? Of course you are.. so share this knowledge with your family, your friends, and acquaintances.

Fourthly,  if you want to be the “change you want in the world” as Mother theresa once said, then buy a farm, grow a garden, visit an organic farmer’s market, do something radical and become an activist for eating what God made not what scientists formulate.

Take Away: Monsanto isn’t evil: YOU ARE.  Comment below.

Curious about Beyond Organic?


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Beyond Organic with Jordan Rubin

So you heard about Beyond Organic, maybe from TV or you heard someone talking about it. Watch this video by founder & bestselling author, Jordan Rubin to find out more information about this amazing new company that is seeking to really change the world for the better.

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Jordan Rubin is on a daily show called “Living Beyond Organic” on TBN Fridays see TBN website for times. For a detailed bio on Jordan Rubin click here.

Does Beyond Organic ship to Canada?

Beyond Organic in Canada?Some people from Canada have been asking whether Beyond Organic, the brand new organic food company started by Jordan Rubin ships to Canada. Well the official response is this:

We are not set up to ship to Canada at this time. The only way a Canadian person could be involved is if they have a US Social Security number and a US shipping address.

Certainly Canada will be one of the first countries Beyond Organic will expand into.

If you live in the United States and would like to get involved today please shoot me an email: paul@trylivingorganic.com  or visit my Beyond Organic website here: http://life.mybeyondorganic.com    if interested in the business side of Beyond Organic click here.

I’m Addicted to Organic Food! HELP!

Addicted to eating organic?Are you the type of person who immediately dry heaves if you hear the word “Mcdonald’s”? Does your heart flutter if someone mentions kale. Do you tilt your head and sob a little if you realize that the food you just ate wasn’t 100% grassfed organic.  What you may have is what some are calling “orthorexia nervosa” and its a documented disorder.

While not nearly as life-threatening as anorexia or bulimia, the fixation with a perceived “pure” state believed to be achieved by obsessively regulating the quality of food, orthorexia is now seen as a possible “gateway diet” to the more serious eating disorders or even the development of other obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Like the anorexia, orthorexics tend to be overly self-critical, obsessed with body image, fixated on the foods, and ironically deny that this behavior in itself is just plain unhealthy.

Avoiding toxic pesticides, preservatives and harmful genetically modified foods is a legitimate lifestyle choice. There are many known risks to consuming pesticides, BPA and artificial sweeteners like aspartame, for example. And, we are indeed a nation obsessively over-eating, especially processed junk food. So making conscientious choices for yourself and your family have maybe never been more important. Be sure to know the difference between reading labels to avoid high fructose corn syrup and avoiding certain foods with a militant stringency; cooking at home because it’s economical and healthy versus eating specific foods prepared in a certain way; inspecting the appearance of ingredients (like fresh or clean) versus seeking out the perceived “healthiest” option. And always consult with a physician if you feel you may have any kind of eating disorder. 

If you want to get organic food like 100% grassfed organic beef and raw cheese, organic cultured dairy and more delivered straight to your door: please check out Beyond Organic, a brand new company started by Jordan Rubin – the founder of “Garden of Life” vitamins and author of  bestseller “Maker’s Diet” Learn about Beyond Organic by clicking here. Beyond Organic emphasizes mission and is determined to spread the message of health through its many charitable outreaches.

Watch a living testimony on eating organic and healthy.




America’s Grocery Budget over the Years with #Infographic

What’s your grocery budget?

America's Grocery BudgetI believe people need to recognize that food itself has been changed to be mass produced and has become cheaper, thus helping the wealth of the country but also decreasing the quality of food dramatically. Finally in these recent years, the public has said enough is enough! We want better food! We are tired of genetically modified food made to be sprayed with pesticides and other contaminates and processed to kingdom come before getting to our dinner table. We want BETTER FOOD!! And our wallet is what talks in this day and age.

We must purchase whole organic food that isn’t tainted by corporate greed and a means to a bottom line.  Right now one company is striving to provide wholesome food that is as natural as it was in the 1800’s! It’s called Beyond Organic and its called that because it goes beyond the minimum requirements of “organic food” and goes straight to the old world production methods and right to the most natural way of doing things.

Check it out if you haven’t yet: http://beyond-organic-food.com

Below is an infographic that shows a historic look at America’s Spending habits when it comes to groceries. (Keep in mind that a lot of the changes in spending has to do with how much food costs too, not just how much income we make)

America's Grocery Spending Habits

Source (click this link to see larger version): http://www.billshrink.com/blog/10320/america-grocery-spending/

In conclusion, We went from spending close to 30% of our paychecks on food in the 50’s, now we only spend close to 13% of our income on “food”.  Its no wonder when the majority of our food consists of genetically modified corn, soy, wheat, processed foods, and commercial meats whose main source of diet consists of the same corn.  These have been proven to bring on new allergies and are very unhealthy. We need to wake up and realize that its worth our money to eat healthy!

Right now you can get organic staple foods like organic grassfed beef, organic cheese, organic dairy drink, organic chocolate, fresh spring water and other beverages shipped to your door straight from the farm. I’m talking about Beyond Organic.   A new company already shipping and already having lots of satisified customers. Check out the product line today by clicking here: Beyond Organic Food and Beverages. (You can get the food for wholesale and even get your food for free by sharing the good news about the company with your friends)

Why is Organic Food More Expensive?

There are alot of people asking the question: Why is Organic food more expensive. The fact of the matter is, it is more expensive to eat healthy than to eat junk.  The very reason its getting cheaper and cheaper to eat “food” is the result of mostly corporations making demanding cheaper products by cheating, by using chemicals, by using innovative methods of pesticides , along with advances in technology. When farmers and ranchers do it the right way, it is more expensive but it is necessary.

Take a look at this video which explains a little better why organic food is more expensive:

What this video tells us is that the USDA has restrictions that keep organic food from having all the unwanted toxins and chemicals.  What  it doesn’t say is that there are many loopholes and ways organic companies can just make the cut.

Beyond Organic is a brand new company that delivers farm fresh organic foods and beverages to your door, goes well beyond the standard of organic and is highly recommended. Try out their organic raw havarti cheese, organic probiotic infused cultured milk beverage (Amasai), or maybe their grassfed (greenfed) beef and hotdogs.  You won’t be disappointed try it today: http://life.mybeyondorganic.com Beyond Organic Products Now Shipping

Organic Food Sales Grow Despite US Economy

Beyond Organic isn’t trying to fight the market, people all around America are demanding more and more high quality organic food. That is why I stand with Beyond Organic and Jordan Rubin’s mission to bring food that raises the standards to a whole new level.  Despite the economy people will still make good choices.

For the past three years, American consumers have been on a shopping diet. They cut nonessentials from their shopping lists. They’ve made do. They’ve thought twice before buying.

And yet, they’ve continued to open their wallets for natural and organic products.

Many shoppers say that natural and organic items remain on their shopping lists because they’re concerned about their health, the environment, America’s agribusiness – or all three.

Part of the reason why Organic Food sales has grown so much is that companies and stores and taking heed to the demand of the public and making more available. Beyond Organic is no exception, Jordan Rubin realizes the need people have for obtaining great food like organic Grass-fed Beef, Beef hotdogs, Cultured Dairy products, and organic chocolate and now they can get it shipped directly to their houses.  Beyond Organic covers all three of shoppers demands:

Health – Jordan Rubin’s own story is a testament to the life-changing power of eating what God created and not what scientists formulate in a laboratory. Watch his story here.
The Environment – Beyond Organic values old world production methods for the plants and animals. They are grown as God intended, no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, or other environmental pollutants are used at all. And are NOT genetically modified.
America’s Agribusiness –  Beyond Organic Products are fair made, which means your local farmer gets a fair cut of the deal.

Melissa Smith of Raleigh said she started buying natural and organic items because her pets sensitive to chemicals in food. But that the habit has transferred to her family’s food purchases, too.

“I grew up on a farm,” she said. “We raised our own meats. We grew our own vegetables. All that has stuck with me. Yes, it may be a little bit more, but it’s worth it.”

If you would like to learn more about the Beyond Organic company click here for more information.

Full article on Organic food sales by SUE STOCK here: http://www.carynews.com/2011/04/20/32446/organic-food-sales-grow-despite.html