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“All Natural” Foods : The Deceptive Myth Exposed

Natural Products ExposedThere is no doubt you have been deceived.

If you have any type of health conscience, you may shop at such stores as Trader Joes, Whole Food’s Market, or some other upscale grocery store.  As you walk up and down the aisles you will see some organic products, but mostly you’ll see hundreds of beautifully marketed non-organic products with labels advertising in huge letters:  “NATURAL.” Do not be deceived… Continue reading

Is Monsanto the DEVIL?

Go onto google and type: “monsanto is”Is Monsanto the Devil?    here are the suggestions you get…
“monsanto is evil”
“monsanto is bad”
“monsanto is THE DEVIL”

The problem with Monsanto is not really Monsanto and its beyond just one company or even a group of corporations, the real problem behind all of the evil things you see in Monsanto is….Greed.   Do not blame the corporations anymore because guess what, corporations are made up of people and those people are your cousins, your aunts, your uncles, and maybe YOU.  We are the greedy ones, and we have created this mess ourselves, and to think that we can blame someone else is just getting away from the point that we are  the source of the problem.  So… what can we do about it?

What can we as “good citizens” do to turn around the sad situation of GREED?

First off, understand that our hearts need a savior, we are lost in our sinful passions without GOD. Theres no gettting away from that.  Realize that and seek GOD through his son Jesus Christ.

Secondly, invest your time and money in foods and beverages and companies that are responsible for making the world a better place. Look for sustainable practices that keep our earth healthy. Look for food products that are more interested in giving us nutrition than giving us cheap filler. One company that comes to mind is Beyond Organic, farm fresh all organic food that can be delivered straight to your house. Learn about it here: Beyond Organic Foods & Beverages , but there are really so many out there, support one!

Third, educate everyone you know about food. So many people live in ignorance and are happy to eat poptarts, fruity pebbles, and hot pockets their whole life. They think thats what food is. Kindly educate them before its too late.  Aren’t you happy you received information about what you eat? Of course you are.. so share this knowledge with your family, your friends, and acquaintances.

Fourthly,  if you want to be the “change you want in the world” as Mother theresa once said, then buy a farm, grow a garden, visit an organic farmer’s market, do something radical and become an activist for eating what God made not what scientists formulate.

Take Away: Monsanto isn’t evil: YOU ARE.  Comment below.