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Jordan Rubin’s 10-Day Daniel Diet on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural”

Jordan Rubin on Sid Roth It's SupernaturalBest-selling author, Jordan Rubin, has once again joined Sid Roth to enlighten his audience with wisdom on changing one’s life by eating biblical and healthy.

The main thrust of the program was to highlight a supernatural revelation that God showed Jordan in India that comes from the Bible.

This brand new concept which is really an ancient one comes from the Book of Daniel and culminates into what Jordan Rubin calls the 10-Day Daniel Diet.



Jordan Rubin Daniel Diet on Sid RothJordan Rubin is regarded by many as one of the most respected and beloved natural health experts in America. His battle and triumph over Crohn’s disease along with several other diseases including cancer has resonated with millions around the world and is one of the most dramatic natural health stories ever told.

Jordan Rubin New Program for 2015

(PRODUCT PRODUCED BY YOUNGEVITY) No matter what your health goals, Jordan Rubin wants to help take your health to the next level using the very same time honored health principals he used to overcome his own major health crisis. This guided 14-day health program gives you all the necessary tools to provide your body exactly what it needs to be healthy!

Based in collaboration with his book “The Maker’s Diet Revolution” and the “Daniel Diet” concepts, this combination consists of organic beverages and liquid herbals – shipped from our farm to your home – and nutritious and delicious smoothies, salads, fruit, and healthy grains, we believe you will reach your health goals, and beyond. Daily email guidance and easy recipes, as well as community support, will not only help you to lose weight, but also help to detoxify your body, mind and spirit. If you want to restore your gut, rebuild your terrain and reclaim your health, then join us for our next 14-day JumpStart Your Health program!

Jordan Rubin & Cancer: A Must-Watch Testimony That Will Change Your Life.

Jordan Rubin, author of NY Times Bestseller,”The Maker’s Diet” shares his testimony of how God healed him of cancer and the 5 keys we can use to unlock conquering faith in all challenges. The talk’s title is “To Hell with Cancer!”

If you enjoyed Jordan Rubin’s testimony on his struggle with Cancer, please share it with someone you think could benefit from it. Use the buttons below, or just copy paste this page URL and email it.

If you would like to get started on a health plan created by Jordan Rubin and is Maker’s Diet approved… check out the “Beyond Organic Jumpstart Plan

Jordan Rubin – Breaking the Cycle of Toxins & Stress

Dealing with stress? Well you are also dealing with toxins: We live, breath, and eat toxins daily.  How do we break the cycle? Watch the short presentation with Jordan Rubin below to find out.

Beyond Organic Founder and CEO, Jordan Rubin discusses the Break The Cycle Supplement System that includes Terra Firma and AdaptGen – two brand new formulations from Beyond Organic.

He also shares some exciting news about a great limited time introductory offer for these new products.

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Stay 3 Eat FREE from Beyond Organic

Stay 3 Eat Free with Beyond OrganicBeyond Organic’s brand new “Stay 3 Eat Free” program is the perfect way earn Free credits for Beyond Organic foods, beverages, skincare, or supplements simply by locking in a minimum Beyond Organic monthly order (program details below). One amazing thing about this new program: the longer you stay , the MORE you earn!
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  • After 12 consecutive months you will get a $100 e-credit and you will get $100 e-credit going forward for each 3 consecutive months you stay on auto ship.

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Join Beyond Organic with Jordan Rubin


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Get Jordan Rubin’s Newest Book Free – No Obligation

UPDATE JULY 2014- The free book offer is no longer available. However Sign up to my email newsletter with updates about Jordan Rubin, Beyond Organic and living the organic life, and I’ll email you the PDF of the book FREE.  


To all my wonderful subscribers, and to anyone else reading this. I couldn’t help but share this offer of a FREE Resource from Jordan Rubin. Please Enjoy, and get it before he changes his mind!

Free E-Book - Live Beyond Organic by Jordan Rubin

Jordan Rubin has decided to give away his newest book, Live Beyond Organic to new customers FREE.  All that is charged is a $5.95 shipping fee and the book is yours to enjoy. Click the Link above and receive a book that can literally Change Your Life! Continue reading

7 Secrets to Super Health! with Jordan Rubin

Seven Secrets to Super HealthThis information comes from Jordan Rubin’s Webinar “Seven Secrets to Super Health”
Did you know that about 76% of our weight gain happens between mid-November to the end of the year. Fruit cake parties, chocolate cookie get-togethers and fried meat family reunions are multiplying, disrupting all the hard work you’ve made in exercise and healthy eating.
How do we get and keep Super Health even during ‘hard times?’  

To answer this question, Jordan Rubin, health expert and bestselling author of “Maker’s Diet” provides 7 Secrets to Super Health! Lets get started: Continue reading

Trader Joe’s Customers say NO ANTIBIOTICS!!

Permalink to "Trader Joe's Customers are Getting Madder"Trader Joe’s is under pressure now and it’s not going to stop until they do something about it.

As knowledge about the food we eat spreads from blogs like this one and others. People are waking up and even becoming activists for better and cleaner food for our families.  Watch the video below to see what’s happening now: Continue reading

Looking for an Organic 3-Day Detox Cleanse?

World renowned natural health expert Jordan Rubin, creator of “Garden of Life” health supplements, best-selling author of “Maker’s Diet” and founder of Beyond Organic Food company has teamed up with another health expert Dr. Josh Axe to present a 3-Day Detoxifying Cleanse that can help you lose weight and get your body back on track to health.

The key element of the cleanse is an organic cultured whey beverage (called SueroViv) which is found virtually nowhere else in the United states.

Beyond Organic Suero CleanseKey Benefits to the 3-Day Suero Cleanse are:

  • It is 3-4X less expensive than many “trendy” all-in-one juice cleanses.
  • It cleanses at the cellular level through proper hydration, sodium-potassium balance, and toxin elimination.
  • You can get increased weight loss, energy, digestive function, and better sleep!

Lsten to Jordan Rubin in this webinar as he explains the superiority of this cleanse. Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons to Join Beyond Organic!

Permanent Link to Five Reasons to join Beyond OrganicHave you thought about joining the thousands who are enjoying Beyond Organic foods and beverages by Jordan Rubin, but didn’t have a good enough reason to get started?

What if I told you the top five reasons that Beyond Organic is exactly the step you need to take.

If you want an excuse for not joining, do NOT read the rest of this post.

Continue reading