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Merry Christmas from the FDA: GM Salmon gets Thumbs up!

How GM Salmon is Engineered

How GM Salmon is Engineered


Frankenfish Movie DVD Cover 🙂

It’s official: the FDA has declared salmon frankenfish #705 [not official name] good enough to put on your dinner table.  Scientists have found a way to genetically modify (GM) salmon to grow twice as fast using a gene from two other fish.  The FDA could not find any valid scientific reasons to ban the production and on Friday concluded that the fish “will not have any significant impacts on the quality of the human environment of the United States.” Regulators also said that the fish is unlikely to harm populations of natural salmon, a key concern for environmental activists.

Supporters of this new technology believe the genetically modified salmon will make it not only easier and cheaper to produce farmed salmon, but that it wouldn’t harm wildlife since they can be grown on land-based fish farms.

There are critics however to this jolly experiment . While they have not been set into mass production/distribution just yet, a few naturalists smell something fishy. Here are some key problems the these GM Fish would bring to humanity:

  1. Interbreeding (like GM crops are doing) can cause devastation to the natural salmon and other fish and animals in the food chain. Of course the FDA says this is unlikely, but they probably said that about Roundup Ready Soybeans too.
  2. GM meat could cause new food allergies the same way we’ve found new allergies in GM crops.
  3. If this gets fully approved, it could be a slippery slope to elephant-pig-goose-cattle.
  4. People who disagree with the technology will have no way of knowing whether the meat is GMO or not because labeling laws have not passed. (Thanks California)
  5. This would put already suffering fishermen into unemployment because giant agribusiness would have control of production decimating the competition from wild salmon or the like.
Here are some comments I’ve quoted from around the web regarding this news:

Brer_Orabbit “It won’t get only my family table – that’s for sure.”

Steve Hill – “Since the world shows no appetite for stopping breeding people, and food prices are spiralling as a direct consequence, we are going to HAVE to embrace developments like this to provide basic food security to people. Of course it should be carefully researched, tested, licensed, regulated, and everything else. Much of the world’s soya is already GM, and drought-resistant grains including rice are also proving lifesavers.”

IAMBCPENTAMASTR – “On this matter I’ll try to be brief / Cheap protein is hunger relief / While salmon’s good fish / You know what I wish / Let’s double the size of the beef.”

CHRIS DEES – “GMO grain is a total nightmare. Fiddling with animals is even worse, this will not end well..”

What do YOU think? Will you be eating GM Salmon Experiment #705?
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