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Stay 3 Eat FREE from Beyond Organic

Stay 3 Eat Free with Beyond OrganicBeyond Organic’s brand new “Stay 3 Eat Free” program is the perfect way earn Free credits for Beyond Organic foods, beverages, skincare, or supplements simply by locking in a minimum Beyond Organic monthly order (program details below). One amazing thing about this new program: the longer you stay , the MORE you earn!
Note: auto-ship orders must be locked in by the 24th of the month. 

Details of the Stay 3 Eat Free program:

  • Eligible for Preferred Customers only.
  • Starting March 1st, if you stay on auto ship for 3 consecutive months, spending a minimum of $99 each month, we will give you a $50 e-credit at Beyond Organic by the 15th of the following month (June 15th in this example).
  • After 6 consecutive months you will get a $75 e-credit.
  • After 9 consecutive months you will get an additional $75 e-credit.
  • After 12 consecutive months you will get a $100 e-credit and you will get $100 e-credit going forward for each 3 consecutive months you stay on auto ship.

It’s now easier than ever to select from the growing number of products now available to Preferred Customers.  If you are not a Preferred Customer yet, why not?  Becoming a preferred customer with Beyond Organic costs only $19.95 and gives you wholesale prices (20% Discount) for a whole Year!

UPDATE: Enroll for Free by clicking the link below and purchasing any of the Free Preferred Customer Packs:

Join Beyond Organic with Jordan Rubin


Got any questions about Beyond Organic or Jordan Rubin? Shoot me an email paul@trylivingorganic.com.

I’m Addicted to Organic Food! HELP!

Addicted to eating organic?Are you the type of person who immediately dry heaves if you hear the word “Mcdonald’s”? Does your heart flutter if someone mentions kale. Do you tilt your head and sob a little if you realize that the food you just ate wasn’t 100% grassfed organic.  What you may have is what some are calling “orthorexia nervosa” and its a documented disorder.

While not nearly as life-threatening as anorexia or bulimia, the fixation with a perceived “pure” state believed to be achieved by obsessively regulating the quality of food, orthorexia is now seen as a possible “gateway diet” to the more serious eating disorders or even the development of other obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Like the anorexia, orthorexics tend to be overly self-critical, obsessed with body image, fixated on the foods, and ironically deny that this behavior in itself is just plain unhealthy.

Avoiding toxic pesticides, preservatives and harmful genetically modified foods is a legitimate lifestyle choice. There are many known risks to consuming pesticides, BPA and artificial sweeteners like aspartame, for example. And, we are indeed a nation obsessively over-eating, especially processed junk food. So making conscientious choices for yourself and your family have maybe never been more important. Be sure to know the difference between reading labels to avoid high fructose corn syrup and avoiding certain foods with a militant stringency; cooking at home because it’s economical and healthy versus eating specific foods prepared in a certain way; inspecting the appearance of ingredients (like fresh or clean) versus seeking out the perceived “healthiest” option. And always consult with a physician if you feel you may have any kind of eating disorder. 

If you want to get organic food like 100% grassfed organic beef and raw cheese, organic cultured dairy and more delivered straight to your door: please check out Beyond Organic, a brand new company started by Jordan Rubin – the founder of “Garden of Life” vitamins and author of  bestseller “Maker’s Diet” Learn about Beyond Organic by clicking here. Beyond Organic emphasizes mission and is determined to spread the message of health through its many charitable outreaches.

Watch a living testimony on eating organic and healthy.




Why is Organic Food More Expensive?

There are alot of people asking the question: Why is Organic food more expensive. The fact of the matter is, it is more expensive to eat healthy than to eat junk.  The very reason its getting cheaper and cheaper to eat “food” is the result of mostly corporations making demanding cheaper products by cheating, by using chemicals, by using innovative methods of pesticides , along with advances in technology. When farmers and ranchers do it the right way, it is more expensive but it is necessary.

Take a look at this video which explains a little better why organic food is more expensive:

What this video tells us is that the USDA has restrictions that keep organic food from having all the unwanted toxins and chemicals.  What  it doesn’t say is that there are many loopholes and ways organic companies can just make the cut.

Beyond Organic is a brand new company that delivers farm fresh organic foods and beverages to your door, goes well beyond the standard of organic and is highly recommended. Try out their organic raw havarti cheese, organic probiotic infused cultured milk beverage (Amasai), or maybe their grassfed (greenfed) beef and hotdogs.  You won’t be disappointed try it today: http://life.mybeyondorganic.com Beyond Organic Products Now Shipping

“Living Beyond Organic” Episode Two with Jordan Rubin

Living Beyond Organic with Jordan RubinWatch Episode Two of “Living Beyond Organic” which airs Fridays 10:30am PST and 1:30pm EST on TBN featuring Jordan Rubin. 
Jordan Rubin’s life was saved when he discovered God’s Biblical keys to healthy living. Today, he continues his pursuit of extraordinary health by applying cutting edge science with the practice of ancient Biblical truths. Join Jordan in his quest to transform the health of this world one life at a time–beginning with you!

The Beyond Organic Launch Date is only DAYS AWAY! Click here to join today!

Organic Food Sales Grow Despite US Economy

Beyond Organic isn’t trying to fight the market, people all around America are demanding more and more high quality organic food. That is why I stand with Beyond Organic and Jordan Rubin’s mission to bring food that raises the standards to a whole new level.  Despite the economy people will still make good choices.

For the past three years, American consumers have been on a shopping diet. They cut nonessentials from their shopping lists. They’ve made do. They’ve thought twice before buying.

And yet, they’ve continued to open their wallets for natural and organic products.

Many shoppers say that natural and organic items remain on their shopping lists because they’re concerned about their health, the environment, America’s agribusiness – or all three.

Part of the reason why Organic Food sales has grown so much is that companies and stores and taking heed to the demand of the public and making more available. Beyond Organic is no exception, Jordan Rubin realizes the need people have for obtaining great food like organic Grass-fed Beef, Beef hotdogs, Cultured Dairy products, and organic chocolate and now they can get it shipped directly to their houses.  Beyond Organic covers all three of shoppers demands:

Health – Jordan Rubin’s own story is a testament to the life-changing power of eating what God created and not what scientists formulate in a laboratory. Watch his story here.
The Environment – Beyond Organic values old world production methods for the plants and animals. They are grown as God intended, no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, or other environmental pollutants are used at all. And are NOT genetically modified.
America’s Agribusiness –  Beyond Organic Products are fair made, which means your local farmer gets a fair cut of the deal.

Melissa Smith of Raleigh said she started buying natural and organic items because her pets sensitive to chemicals in food. But that the habit has transferred to her family’s food purchases, too.

“I grew up on a farm,” she said. “We raised our own meats. We grew our own vegetables. All that has stuck with me. Yes, it may be a little bit more, but it’s worth it.”

If you would like to learn more about the Beyond Organic company click here for more information.

Full article on Organic food sales by SUE STOCK here: http://www.carynews.com/2011/04/20/32446/organic-food-sales-grow-despite.html

One Very Cute Reason Eating Organic is So Important..

This young girl’s experiment is such an incredibly obvious lesson for those who don’t understand the importance of eating organic. Share this with everyone you know!

Did you notice that the “certified organic” potato from the neighborhood grocery store simply wasn’t as alive as the one from organic food market. If you haven’t heard of Beyond Organic by Jordan Rubin, you really should check it out.  All the food and meat comes straight from the farm and grown completely natural and organic as God intended. Learn how you can become a part of Beyond Organic and live more healthy and make extra money by clicking here.

Or you can keep munching on “BUD NIP” 🙂