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Stay 3 Eat Free with Beyond OrganicBeyond Organic’s brand new “Stay 3 Eat Free” program is the perfect way earn Free credits for Beyond Organic foods, beverages, skincare, or supplements simply by locking in a minimum Beyond Organic monthly order (program details below). One amazing thing about this new program: the longer you stay , the MORE you earn!
Note: auto-ship orders must be locked in by the 24th of the month. 

Details of the Stay 3 Eat Free program:

  • Eligible for Preferred Customers only.
  • Starting March 1st, if you stay on auto ship for 3 consecutive months, spending a minimum of $99 each month, we will give you a $50 e-credit at Beyond Organic by the 15th of the following month (June 15th in this example).
  • After 6 consecutive months you will get a $75 e-credit.
  • After 9 consecutive months you will get an additional $75 e-credit.
  • After 12 consecutive months you will get a $100 e-credit and you will get $100 e-credit going forward for each 3 consecutive months you stay on auto ship.

It’s now easier than ever to select from the growing number of products now available to Preferred Customers.  If you are not a Preferred Customer yet, why not?  Becoming a preferred customer with Beyond Organic costs only $19.95 and gives you wholesale prices (20% Discount) for a whole Year!

UPDATE: Enroll for Free by clicking the link below and purchasing any of the Free Preferred Customer Packs:

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“Food” – A Century Old American Proverb

Here’s a very cool informative graphic from information in 1917 about food. It’s a century old food proverb that is still relevant today. It looks like the U.S. had some more sense back then, before being overrun by the Mcdonalds, Perdue, and Monsantos’ of the world. Thanks Samantha for this.

US Food Administration Food Quote Continue reading


My beautiful wife Nicole (who happens to be eight months pregnant) wrote this and I thought it would be a perfect guest blog post for Try Living Organic.  Sugary cravings are a serious issue in most people’s lives and there are real dangers when we eat blindly.  Always check the ingredients list. Please take three minutes and read my wonderful wife Nicole’s post.  -Paul Martinez

Vending Machine MadnessLet’s talk about CHOCOLATE!

This is one of my biggest cravings! After lunch today I began to have an intense craving for chocolate. Unfortunately, I was in a rush this morning and forgot to swipe a Beyond Organic chocolate bar from the fridge. This is my go-to craving stopper! Not only is this delicious little bar organic it is also packed full of antioxidants, omega 3’s and probiotics!
I just couldn’t resist the urge to have some chocolate, so I decided to grab something sweet from the vending machine. It took me a few minutes to decide which refined sugar, artificially flavored, preservative laden goodie dangling before me I was going to pick. I tried to be very thoughtful of my choice…Snickers…no…peanut intolerant, Mars….mmmmm….too much HFCS,  cookies….nah…too many ingredients I can’t pronounce. There it is! A Hershey’s milk chocolate with almonds bar! The lesser of two evils right? How bad could it be? Continue reading

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To all my wonderful subscribers, and to anyone else reading this. I couldn’t help but share this offer of a FREE Resource from Jordan Rubin. Please Enjoy, and get it before he changes his mind!

Free E-Book - Live Beyond Organic by Jordan Rubin

Jordan Rubin has decided to give away his newest book, Live Beyond Organic to new customers FREE.  All that is charged is a $5.95 shipping fee and the book is yours to enjoy. Click the Link above and receive a book that can literally Change Your Life! Continue reading

Merry Christmas from the FDA: GM Salmon gets Thumbs up!

How GM Salmon is Engineered

How GM Salmon is Engineered


Frankenfish Movie DVD Cover 🙂

It’s official: the FDA has declared salmon frankenfish #705 [not official name] good enough to put on your dinner table.  Scientists have found a way to genetically modify (GM) salmon to grow twice as fast using a gene from two other fish.  The FDA could not find any valid scientific reasons to ban the production and on Friday concluded that the fish “will not have any significant impacts on the quality of the human environment of the United States.” Regulators also said that the fish is unlikely to harm populations of natural salmon, a key concern for environmental activists.

Supporters of this new technology believe the genetically modified salmon will make it not only easier and cheaper to produce farmed salmon, but that it wouldn’t harm wildlife since they can be grown on land-based fish farms.

There are critics however to this jolly experiment . While they have not been set into mass production/distribution just yet, a few naturalists smell something fishy. Here are some key problems the these GM Fish would bring to humanity:

  1. Interbreeding (like GM crops are doing) can cause devastation to the natural salmon and other fish and animals in the food chain. Of course the FDA says this is unlikely, but they probably said that about Roundup Ready Soybeans too.
  2. GM meat could cause new food allergies the same way we’ve found new allergies in GM crops.
  3. If this gets fully approved, it could be a slippery slope to elephant-pig-goose-cattle.
  4. People who disagree with the technology will have no way of knowing whether the meat is GMO or not because labeling laws have not passed. (Thanks California)
  5. This would put already suffering fishermen into unemployment because giant agribusiness would have control of production decimating the competition from wild salmon or the like.
Here are some comments I’ve quoted from around the web regarding this news:

Brer_Orabbit “It won’t get only my family table – that’s for sure.”

Steve Hill – “Since the world shows no appetite for stopping breeding people, and food prices are spiralling as a direct consequence, we are going to HAVE to embrace developments like this to provide basic food security to people. Of course it should be carefully researched, tested, licensed, regulated, and everything else. Much of the world’s soya is already GM, and drought-resistant grains including rice are also proving lifesavers.”

IAMBCPENTAMASTR – “On this matter I’ll try to be brief / Cheap protein is hunger relief / While salmon’s good fish / You know what I wish / Let’s double the size of the beef.”

CHRIS DEES – “GMO grain is a total nightmare. Fiddling with animals is even worse, this will not end well..”

What do YOU think? Will you be eating GM Salmon Experiment #705?
Comment below.


Trader Joe’s Customers say NO ANTIBIOTICS!!

Looking for an Organic 3-Day Detox Cleanse?

Where’s My Kashi? (Kashi Cereal Scam)


7 Secrets to Super Health! with Jordan Rubin

Seven Secrets to Super HealthThis information comes from Jordan Rubin’s Webinar “Seven Secrets to Super Health”
Did you know that about 76% of our weight gain happens between mid-November to the end of the year. Fruit cake parties, chocolate cookie get-togethers and fried meat family reunions are multiplying, disrupting all the hard work you’ve made in exercise and healthy eating.
How do we get and keep Super Health even during ‘hard times?’  

To answer this question, Jordan Rubin, health expert and bestselling author of “Maker’s Diet” provides 7 Secrets to Super Health! Lets get started: Continue reading

Beyond Organic Black Friday Sales

This coming Black Friday through Cyber Monday November 23-26, Beyond Organic is having really great deals you DO NOT want to miss.

Watch this video by Jordan Rubin to see all the details including BOGO and new Gift of Health Packs.  These Beyond Organic Black Friday sales are ones to take full advantage of!

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Trader Joe’s Customers say NO ANTIBIOTICS!!

Permalink to "Trader Joe's Customers are Getting Madder"Trader Joe’s is under pressure now and it’s not going to stop until they do something about it.

As knowledge about the food we eat spreads from blogs like this one and others. People are waking up and even becoming activists for better and cleaner food for our families.  Watch the video below to see what’s happening now: Continue reading

Obesity Worldwide #Infographic

One thing in this infographic that really struck me was the statistic that 74.1% Of America is overweight!  (not obese but overweight) I wonder if a similar statistic could be said of Americans who are “unhealthy.”

A recent Consumer Reports survey of 1,234 U.S. adults, had these results: 90% of American’s think they are unhealthy. However, in this same survey, 89.7 percent of Americans described their diet as “somewhat” (52.6 percent), “very” (31.5 percent), or “extremely” (5.6 percent) healthy.  Something is not adding up. Education is key. Continue reading

Looking for an Organic 3-Day Detox Cleanse?

World renowned natural health expert Jordan Rubin, creator of “Garden of Life” health supplements, best-selling author of “Maker’s Diet” and founder of Beyond Organic Food company has teamed up with another health expert Dr. Josh Axe to present a 3-Day Detoxifying Cleanse that can help you lose weight and get your body back on track to health.

The key element of the cleanse is an organic cultured whey beverage (called SueroViv) which is found virtually nowhere else in the United states.

Beyond Organic Suero CleanseKey Benefits to the 3-Day Suero Cleanse are:

  • It is 3-4X less expensive than many “trendy” all-in-one juice cleanses.
  • It cleanses at the cellular level through proper hydration, sodium-potassium balance, and toxin elimination.
  • You can get increased weight loss, energy, digestive function, and better sleep!

Lsten to Jordan Rubin in this webinar as he explains the superiority of this cleanse. Continue reading