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Organic Food Sales Grow Despite US Economy

Beyond Organic isn’t trying to fight the market, people all around America are demanding more and more high quality organic food. That is why I stand with Beyond Organic and Jordan Rubin’s mission to bring food that raises the standards to a whole new level.  Despite the economy people will still make good choices.

For the past three years, American consumers have been on a shopping diet. They cut nonessentials from their shopping lists. They’ve made do. They’ve thought twice before buying.

And yet, they’ve continued to open their wallets for natural and organic products.

Many shoppers say that natural and organic items remain on their shopping lists because they’re concerned about their health, the environment, America’s agribusiness – or all three.

Part of the reason why Organic Food sales has grown so much is that companies and stores and taking heed to the demand of the public and making more available. Beyond Organic is no exception, Jordan Rubin realizes the need people have for obtaining great food like organic Grass-fed Beef, Beef hotdogs, Cultured Dairy products, and organic chocolate and now they can get it shipped directly to their houses.  Beyond Organic covers all three of shoppers demands:

Health – Jordan Rubin’s own story is a testament to the life-changing power of eating what God created and not what scientists formulate in a laboratory. Watch his story here.
The Environment – Beyond Organic values old world production methods for the plants and animals. They are grown as God intended, no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemical fertilizers, or other environmental pollutants are used at all. And are NOT genetically modified.
America’s Agribusiness –  Beyond Organic Products are fair made, which means your local farmer gets a fair cut of the deal.

Melissa Smith of Raleigh said she started buying natural and organic items because her pets sensitive to chemicals in food. But that the habit has transferred to her family’s food purchases, too.

“I grew up on a farm,” she said. “We raised our own meats. We grew our own vegetables. All that has stuck with me. Yes, it may be a little bit more, but it’s worth it.”

If you would like to learn more about the Beyond Organic company click here for more information.

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Jordan Rubin’s New Book “Live Beyond Organic”

Live Beyond Organic Book by Jordan Rubin

If you recently watched the television show “Living Beyond Organic” with Jordan Rubin, you probably heard of his new book Live Beyond Organic .  This revolutionary book will reveal Jordan’s researched health information that will change your life! According to the official Beyond Organic website, the book’s launch is just weeks away but you can get it FREE right now with a NEW special offer here: Preferred Customer Value Pack & FREE Membership

Click here and  Learn More about Beyond Organic

You can also check out some of Jordan Rubin’s other books like Maker’s Diet,  and Perfect Weight America: Change Your Diet. Change Your Life. Change Your World both available on now.

For recipes on the show click here.

Free E-Book - Live Beyond Organic by Jordan Rubin

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“Living Beyond Organic” Television Show with Jordan Rubin

Sign up for more information on Living Beyond Organic with Jordan RubinWell those who know about Jordan Rubin and Beyond Organic are very excited and pumped up about the brand new TV series called “Living Beyond Organic” It’s airing on TBN and on TBN’s HD Online Channel located at . If you’ve recently watched you probably heard about the promotion Beyond Organic TV. You can get Jordan’s book FREE, see the link below.

"Living Beyond Organic" with Jordan Rubin on TBN

Watch Episode One of "Living Beyond Organic with Jordan Rubin"Watch Episode Two of "Living Beyond Organic with Jordan Rubin"
“Living Beyond Organic”
is be hosted by Jordan Rubin and aired for the first time on Friday October 7th on TBN. The time slot scheduled is Friday Mornings 10:30am PST.


Free E-Book - Live Beyond Organic by Jordan Rubin


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Here is TBN‘s Description of the show:

Jordan Rubin Living Beyond Organic”

Jordan Rubin’s life was saved when he discovered God’s Biblical keys to healthy living. Today, he continues his pursuit of extraordinary health by applying cutting edge science with the practice of ancient Biblical truths. Join Jordan in his quest to transform the health of this world one life at a time–beginning with you! “

Screengrab TV Show Living Beyond Organic with Jordan Rubin and GuestsThe new TV Show is great way for Jordan Rubin and the Beyond Organic crew to reach out to a large audience and bring them into the company so that more and more lives can be impacted positively as they can change their diet and live more healthy lives as well as help change others’ lives for the better.

TBN Living Beyond Organic Screen ShotThe “Living Beyond Organic” tv show produces dozens of visual tools that will be repurposed to help those in the company to use and share with others.  The show is dynamically shot in HD on the ranch in Missouri with Jordan Rubin teaching basic principles and building blocks of the Beyond Organic mission and company. Come back to this page for more information or you can sign up for Beyond Organic if you haven’t yet and receive corporate updates regularly. Want more info on Jordan Rubin Click Here.

Want to learn more about Beyond Organic by Jordan Rubin click the link below to watch a video and sign up today.

Watch Video on Beyond Organic TV

Let’s face it, almost everyone watches TV and if you are into Beyond Organic, there is a chance that you heard of it on TV, possibly on TBN’s show “Praise the Lord” or “Behind the Scenes.” At first Jordan was on TBN’s Praise the Lord “Doctor’s Night” Sept 29, 2011. You can watch it free right now here “TBN Watch Us Archive”

Visit the Beyond Organic Online Store

The insider information gathered about this new tv show was from a webinar by Beyond Organic founders and can be found in the back office tab under tools and training when you sign up with Beyond Organic.

How to become a Beyond Organic Insider

Interested in Jordan Rubin’s new network: Beyond Organic?

Well as of right now you can sign up for free and become a Beyond Organic Insider.

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About Jordan Rubin – Founder of Beyond Organic

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Jordan Rubin is one of America’s most recognized and respected natural health experts. He is the author of the New York Times best selling book,The Maker’s Diet, as well as the author of 19 other health related titles, including his latest work Perfect Weight America.

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