Beyond Organic Steak

New Beyond Organic Steak and BeefYou’ve been waiting very patiently… introducing Beyond Organic Steak!

Jordan Rubin in a recent leadership call, made an exciting announcement concerning Beyond Organic steak. Slated to be released in November of 2012, Beyond Organic will have a brand new limited time beef package that will include a large number of new and exciting cuts.

Get prepared for Beyond Organic Steak and  all new GreenFed beef products:

  • Tenderloin
  • Rib-Eye
  • New York Strip
  • Pre-Cooked Ranch Roast
  • Summer Sausage
  • Fresh Sausage with Cheddar
  • Hot Dogs with Cheddar
  • Billtong

Why only a limited time? Because this offering is limited to 35 prized steers that are being processed.  These will be the initial offering for those interested and will have special pricing and promotions attached.

However Jordan Rubin also noted that the months to follow, there will be more and more packages added to the line up.  These freshly processed ‘fatted steer’ will be in the words of Jordan, the “best and healthiest beef products you’ve ever tasted!”

Visit the Beyond Organic Online StoreChoose from available beef products.

As you know, Beyond Organic takes no shortcuts when producing these high quality organic foods.

The Beyond Organic Policy on Beef Quality Standards is as follows:

1. Our animals are GreenFed™ and GreenFinished
This means that the dairy cattle graze on grasses and a “salad bar” of forbs, herbs, and legumes—with no grains. The beef cattle are GreenFinished, detoxed with a diet of organic pasture supplemented in the winter with green foods such as alfalfa and organic hay.. no grain whatsoever.

2.Our grazing lands are free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers.
Organic means organic.

3. We do not treat our cattle with antibiotics, hormones, or vaccines.
Let the conventional cattle raising businesses rely on chemical medicines, but Beyond Organic steers clear of anything unnatural or inorganic.

4. We do treat our animals with respect and kindness.

5. We follow sustainable land and soil management practices.

6. We never use GMO feed or plants in the field.

7. We use Olde World production methods.

8. We use “fair made” ethical business practices.

9. We use biblically based processing methods.

10. We pursue quality and safety for our finished products.
We combine the best of ancient wisdom and modern science to ensure that our foods and beverages deliver maximum health benefits and minimal toxicity. We use probiotics in our processing and finished products to ensure safety and efficacy at every step.

Watch this latest video by Jordan Rubin

Visit the Beyond Organic Online Store

Choose from available beef products.

All of the Greenfed and Greenfinished beef products are high in CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a fat that has been determined to be able to FIGHT CANCER in rats!  If you haven’t tried Beyond Organic beef, yet you are missing out on what could save your life.

You are always welcome to join Beyond Organic and be able to become a mission marketer by signing up here. It’s easy to sign up and you will then be able to have your own website where you can sell Beyond Organic foods, beverages, and skin and body care and be compensated for your efforts.
Be sure to check out the other products available through Beyond Organic such as the Beyond Organic Skin and Body Care Line, cultured dairy known as Amasai, the Really Raw Greenfed Cheese, the 3 Day Suero Cleanse easy detox and his new book Live Beyond Organic. Or visit the online store and see the entire selection for yourself.

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  1. Llyweyia R.

    How can I purchase some of your grass fed meat? Is there a store or website to go to?
    I went to your beyond organic site and it gives me no choice for purchasing your meat products.


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