“JumpStart Your Health” Jordan Rubin Talks About His New Health Program

Details on the program are below:

JumpStart Your Health

Jordan Rubin is excited to introduce JumpStart Your Health
A new health program for 2015!

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The JumpStart Your Health Program is based upon the the very same time honored health principals that Jordan used to overcome his own major health crisis, plus the experience as coaching thousands on their journey to optimal health.The principles behind the program are simple:
  1. Eat truly healthy food, pure and unaltered.
  2. The body has an amazing ability to regenerate – if you provide the proper tools and remove the interference.

The beverages, living herbals, and recommended foods that are included and highlighted in this program easily fit into the 1st principal.As for the 2nd principle, Jordan Rubin believes that when you feed the body truly healthy food, your health will flourish.Also included in this program is the groundbreaking revelation that by subtly changing the timing of your eating schedule and engaging in a daily cleansing program, you can satisfy your hunger, mega-boost your energy levels & supercharge your metabolism.Throughout the 14-day program, you’ll be transforming what we call your cleansing and building ratio. The idea behind this is simple. Digestion is one of the most metabolically demanding processes the body carries out. By shortening the time the body spends digesting food, it allows the body to focus on other metabolic activities and focus on achieving optimal health.The JumpStart Your Health Program isn’t a low fat, low carb or calorie restricting plan. JumpStart allows you to eat in rhythm with your bodies design.

What’s Included in the JumpStart Your Health Program

  • Suero Cleanse Bronze (eighteen 16-oz. bottles)
  • Plain Amasai (six 16-oz.bottles)
  • Terrain Sacred Herbs (one 15-oz. bottle)
  • JumpStart eBook
  • Cleansing and Detox Tips
  • Quick and Easy Smoothie and Salad Recipes
  • Live and/or Recorded Calls with Bonus Learning Material
  • Access to the Exclusive JumpStart Facebook Community
  • Electronic Copy of Jordan Rubin’s book Live Beyond Organic
If you want to restore your gut, rebuild your terrain and reclaim your health, then join us for our 14-Day JumpStart Your Health Program!



ITEM #1: Plain Amasai (six 16-oz.bottles) | Youngevity Item# USBY0017

ITEM #2: Terrain Sacred Herbs (one 15-oz. bottle) | Youngevity Item# USBY800106

ITEM #3: Suero Cleanse Bronze (eighteen 16-oz. bottles) | Youngevity Item# USBY0001


RESOURCE 1: JumpStart Your Health eBook (download HERE)

RESOURCE 2: Live Beyond Organic Book by Jordan Rubin (download HERE)

RESOURCE 3: JumpStart Your Health Program FAQs (optional) (download HERE)

FAQs About the JumpStart Your Health Program

Q: Will the Get REAL plan continue to be offered?
Moving forward the JumpStart Your Health Program will be the only Beyond Organic guided health program offered.

Q: How is the JumpStart Your Health Program different from the previous Get REAL, Get FIT, or Get WELL plans?
A: The JumpStart Your Health Program builds upon aspects from all three plans, but incorporates a richer depth of health principals similar to those found in The Maker’s Diet Revolution.

Q: How often is the JumpStart Your Health Program offered?
The 14-Day JumpStart Your Health Program be will offered on a monthly basis. The program start date will be the first Sunday of each month, except for when it lands on a holiday – rescheduled start dates will be posted.

Q: How long is the registration period for each round of the JumpStart Your Health Program?
A: Registration for the JumpStart Your Health Program closes at 11:59pm PST 10 days prior to the start date of the next program (usually the second to last Thursday prior to the start date), except for when it lands on a holiday – adjusted dates will be posted.

Q: When should I expect to receive my JumpStart products?
 All JumpStart Your Health orders are delivered by end of day on the Friday before the start of the program.

Q: How do the JumpStart Your Health daily emails work?
 We begin sending emails to participants of each JumpStart Your Health Program during the week prior to the start date of the program. These emails contain the digital resources and guides necessary to help you get prepared for the program. Daily emails for the program then follow on a daily basis. 

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