9-Year-Old Girl Scolds McDonald’s CEO

Mcdonald’s doesn’t sell junk food? ¬†Well, thats his opinion, what’s yours? Would you’re 9-year-old say the same thing as Hannah? Comment below.

Sources: http://abcnews.go.com/Business/girl-scolded-mcdonalds-ceo-impressed-response/story?id=19255994#.UaJ3gZUpGnw


4 thoughts on “9-Year-Old Girl Scolds McDonald’s CEO

  1. Katherine Stone

    Hello Dr. Rubin, I love your TV program, and have studied nutrition for a long time. Thank you for your contribution to health. Can you point me to an actual scientific study that proves that “sugar feeds cancer,” or “cancer cells,” as I have heard you and others say? I can understand that a steady diet of donuts and other items made of fat and sugar could damage a person’s health. I have read the account about your dear grandmother. However, how do we know any of that contributes to cancer or “feeds” cancer cells? Thank you for this information. Sincerely, Katherine Stone.

  2. Beth

    Caught your show for the first time today, unfortunately it was 1/2 over. So thankful to see someone talking about health & God’s word. Seemed for too long the “healthy” thinking people believed in higher plains & becoming one with the universe. Hope to catch your show again next week.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for watching Beth, you are so very right about that. It’s time for God’s people to take care if what He has stewarded to them. Thanks for your comment.


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