7 Secrets to Super Health! with Jordan Rubin

Seven Secrets to Super HealthThis information comes from Jordan Rubin’s Webinar “Seven Secrets to Super Health”
Did you know that about 76% of our weight gain happens between mid-November to the end of the year. Fruit cake parties, chocolate cookie get-togethers and fried meat family reunions are multiplying, disrupting all the hard work you’ve made in exercise and healthy eating.
How do we get and keep Super Health even during ‘hard times?’  

To answer this question, Jordan Rubin, health expert and bestselling author of “Maker’s Diet” provides 7 Secrets to Super Health! Lets get started:

 Super Secret # 1. Make Cleansing a regular habit.

Super Secret #1 Cleansing for Super HealthThere are many various cleanses available such as the juice cleanses, liver cleanses, lemon , grapefruit and cabbage cleanses.  Dr. Oz has a few, so does Salma Hayek, there are pre-bought ones, and ones you make yourself.  The majority are about a week long but some are only 48 hrs. Most cost over $200 but go up to $500 or more!  and ones you make yourself are time-consuming. But your body needs times to flush out the toxins that you are putting in your body everyday voluntarily through what you eat and involuntarily through environment.    I recommend the Beyond Organic 3-Day Suero Cleanse .  It lasts three days (as the title spells out) and its very easy: Order the SueroViv drinks, drink them each day and nothing else, thats it!  and it costs around $50-$60 dollars.  Learn about the Jumpstart Your Health Program going on in 2015

Super Secret #2. Protein Power

Secret 2 Protein PowerProtein is critical to your health.  After 18 years of researching nutrition, Jordan Rubin found that animal proteins provide the most complete protein.  Ever heard of Z-protein?  Its the protein found in dairy products found in zebu cattle, thought to be the original cow coming from India and the middle east. It’s uniquely balanced with powerful essential fatty acids omega-3 and Conjugated Linoleic Acids.  These nutrients improves your health and rebuilds muscles at the same time.

When red meat like beef is green-finished (fed grass and greens the entire lifespan of the cow’s life) even the fats are healthy.  You also get B-12 for your brain, B6 for your metabolisom, Iron for your blood, zinc for your prostate or skin and immune system, glutamine for your gut, creatine for your muslces and many other powerful nutrients.

You can get trusted organic dairy product through Beyond Organic Organic Dairy

Super Secret # 3. Fat & Fiber – Faithful Friends

These are amazing for super health! Fat is a macronutrient, fiber is a component of carbohydrates.  Fat and fiber makes you feel full by slowing sugar absorption.  You shouldn’t eat carbohydrates “naked.” Carbs eaten on their own convert to blood sugar very quickly which makes you gain weight much quicker.

Organic Seed BlendWhen you get a whole, living, raw, gluten-free, nutrient-rich food in the form of fat and fiber combination and you’ll be getting much more than the average America gets all week! The great thing about these foods is that they can be in snack form and make it SO easy to bring anywhere you go and get to immediately with no preparation involved.

Super Secret # 4 Enzymes & Antioxidants – Forces of Life

Fermentation is one of the ubiquitous methods of preservation utilized by all cultures and has been around since the history of mankind.  Not only is fermenting beverages useful for preserving the drinks without refrigeration, but with the use of natural bacteria and yeast, they have become known to possess extra boosted nutrition for one of the most important systems in your body: the digestive system.

NuVino Fermented Beverage Heath Secret

Beverages like Kombucha, SueroViv, Cocunut Kefir, and others are just a few but now Beyond Organic has come out

Fermentation applied to herbs offers a far more inclusive approach than chemical, alcohol or heat extraction. Much like these harsh extraction methods, fermentation unlocks the active compounds in herbs—but that is where the similarity ends.

Where chemical or heat extraction seeks to isolate, fermentation seeks to express, create and expand. With fermentation, not only are the active compounds of the herbs released, but a bevy of other nutrients are also enhanced or created. If you have to choose between an extracted herbal supplement with one active ingredient or a biologically expressed, fermented botanical that includes everything that particular herb can offer, the choice is obvious. Learn about  Jorda Rubin’s Terrain Living Herbals Here.

Remember Jordan Rubin’s Two points for healthy Diet:

  1. Eat what God created as food
  2. Eat foods in a form that are healthy for the body.

Super Secret # 5 Hydrate Your Cells – Harmonize Your Body

Stay Hydrated! Proper hydration is essential to good health.  Our bodies need to get nutrients to the cells, and waste out. Water is your body’s God-designed delivery system.

When it comes to water, the most important thing is that you’re getting enough and as for the best type of water to consume,  remember , you want the water with the highest H20 content!  Pretty simple right?  Jordan Rubin sought the very highest quality water with the least amount of dissolved solids and he’s found it in a beautiful spring in north Georgia.  The water is called “Reign Supreme Mountain Spring” water.

Once you’ve tried Reign Supreme you’ll never want anything else.  Jordan advises to take this water as soon as you wake up in order to hydrate yourself fully after the long fast overnight.  You will notice more energy and a better feeling immediately.

Super Secret # 6 Feed Your Skin – Starve your Clock

By using professional all natural toxic-free skin care you can defy your age by correcting your facial skin.  Using organic ingredients, Beyond Organic has developed an advanced anti-aging skin care system that will:

  • Provide intense lifting power
  • Helps improve  appearance of wrinkles/fine lines
  • Exfoliates skin for a smoother appearance
  • Helps improve elasticity and firmness
  • Helps improve skin texture and clarity

Becoming consistent with your body and skin care regimen is vital to seeing the changes you want  for super health with your appearance. Just five minutes a day feeding your skin a toxin free diet is another secret for healthier, younger looking skin.

Super Secret # 7 Reduce Toxins at the Point of Entry

Beyond Organic Skin and Body CareDo you think what goes into your body through food and drink is more important than what goes on your skin? If you said yes, Jordan Rubin also once thought that but through research found to be in err. Skin Care is one of the most overlooked, yet critical aspect of overall health.  Our skin is the largest organ of the body and the immune system’s first line of defense.

Ever single day, people apply dozens of personal care products on their skin, lips and hair—oftentimes without realizing the number of toxic chemicals that are contained in those products.

Beyond Organic Body Care System provides organic and certified toxic free fundamentals.

  • Hand Soap and Body Lotion
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel
  • Lip Balms
Replace your now-toxic body care products with toxic-free body care products. Find them at the Beyond Organic Store now. Put your trust in body care products that help you feel and look your best, without the “toxic load” that you, and your family, would much rather avoid.
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