Trader Joe’s Customers say NO ANTIBIOTICS!!

Permalink to "Trader Joe's Customers are Getting Madder"Trader Joe’s is under pressure now and it’s not going to stop until they do something about it.

As knowledge about the food we eat spreads from blogs like this one and others. People are waking up and even becoming activists for better and cleaner food for our families.  Watch the video below to see what’s happening now:

The campaign spearheading this protest is called “Meat Without Drugs” link here. Over 500,000 people have signed the petition urging Trader Joe’s to drop the meat and poultry products it sells that are raised using antibiotics. “The widespread use of antibiotics in food animals contributes to the spread of deadly, antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’ in humans. We must preserve our antibiotics, and your leadership could begin to change the priorities for our nation’s livestock producers. Thank you,” the petition says.

I’d like to go farther and call that we up the challenge to Trader Joe’s that they provide not only  meat without antibiotics, but meat that hasn’t eaten any GMO foods like you find in most corn feed.  As nutrition expert Jordan Rubin says, when it comes to eating meat, its not  “you are what you eat,” its “you are what they ate” He recommends eating organic meat whenever possible and knowing where it came from.

What are your thoughts? What have you done or think should be done to demand more from our grocery stores?

5 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Customers say NO ANTIBIOTICS!!

  1. Katy McDowell

    Wow what a world makes you want to go to Fiji or something who would think Trader Joe’s

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    1. Try Living Beyond Organic - Paul Martinez Post author

      I’m hoping this kind of thing will challenge you and I to keep talking about it. Talk to your grocer about it, let them know as a consumer that you wan’t good choices things like meats without antibiotics and chemical treatment, foods without GMO’s or harmful preservatives like BHT that have been linked to cancer in rat studies. If you live in the USA you are blessed, but like you say Katy, it’s getting worse and we as consumers need to speak up. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Dawn bollin

    Are you saying that the organic meat from trader joes that states it’s hormone and antibiotic free isn’t???


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