Disgusting Ingredients Found in Our Foods

Things that make you say “DISGUSTING!”

Pink slime has had its fair share of people’s attention these past few months, and for good reason. (more on pink slime here) People are waking up to the reality that the companies creating, distributing, and processing their foods don’t have our health on the top of their list of priorities.

The more we look into these processed foods the worse it gets…  my friend Adam (a health conscious fellow) had this to say as he browsed some online news sources:

So, I was just reading this and was sickened to discovered more things that has snuck into our food that I was unaware of. (1) Castoreum – The anal secretion of a beaver used to make some hard candy smell sweet and enhance the flavor of “natural” berry flavors (2) L-Cysteine – A dough conditioner made from human hair (3) Shellac, resin from a lac bug [aka. confectioner’s glaze] – Makes hard candy like jelly beans shiny (4) Cellulose [aka. wood pulp] – Used to thicken and wick moisture, in place of flour, in things like shredded cheese, salad dressing, and chocolate milk. Just…wow. Source Here.

And it goes on and on. Just search “In our food” in google and look at recent posts. I found this today, Headline: “There May Be Flame Retardants in Your Food”

This article found here starts out letting us know that there are things like BPA (a hormone disruptor), BADGE (which thought to turn stem cells into fat cells, What the heck?) and of course Pesticides. Now a new disgusting ingredient in our food:  toxic flame retardants.  A study published in Environmental Health Perspectives reveals that popular flame retardant hexabromocyclodecane (that’s a mouth full! –now quite literally) or HBCD is present in measurable levels sampled in Texas supermarkets! Get this… it was found in common foods like fish, poultry, beef, and peanut butter!

It goes on to say that researchers aren’t sure why they are in the foods more than others but its possible food handling, sources, packaging, ingredients and animal husbandry practices all factor in. Read more about this icky new one here.

Organic Whole FoodThis is all to say that now more than ever we need to be aware of what we are eating. We can look at ingredients, but even those can be deceptive (see my article on “All Natural Foods Deception Exposed”  The greatest foods are whole foods, those that are not processed, but are from nature and have a ripening process.  Even better than eating just any whole food is eating ones you can track back to the farm or ranch.  Look for companies that seek to produce the healthiest organic foods and beverages possible and who won’t cut corners. It’s worth it to buy quality when it comes to your family’s foods.  Skimp out on your TV cable selection, keep your car a few years longer, hit the clearance racks when shopping, save money some other way but dont skimp out on the “medicine” that you and your family eat everyday of your lives… YOUR FOOD.

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5 thoughts on “Disgusting Ingredients Found in Our Foods

  1. Beth

    the info is wonderfully informational but!! How do you find these things out?
    the producers are Not going to tell you.

    1. Try Living Beyond Organic - Paul Martinez Post author

      Independent studies . Check out the source links in the article to see the original articles . Thankfully I’ve been able to learn a whole lot about our foods starting with watching movies like Food Inc, King Corn, the Future of Foods and others . I am also a big fan of Jordan Rubin who has really been a huge help in educating America about healthy eating . Thanks for the comment!

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