Pink Slime in Chicken vs. Pink Slime in Beef – Confusing Anyone?

Pink Slime - Chicken vs. Beef

Pink Slime! MMM. Chicken or Beef?

You pick. I’m Good.

The first time I ever heard about this so called “pink slime” was on facebook. I signed in one day, opened up my home screen, and my eyes zipped to a picture of what looked like pink soft-serve ice cream. Here is what I saw:

Pink Slime ChickenI had to find out what this “pink slime” really is and it sure wasn’t pretty.  It’s stuff I’ve actually eaten and no its not non-fat frozen yogurt. I think it went viral ever since Jamie Oliver’s chicken nugget experiment failed on TV.  It’s actually “mechanically separated chicken” which is basically inedible scraps of meat, tendon, cartilage, and gunk left on the bone after the good cuts are gone. Then the pink goo is separated from any bone using a machine, doused in ammonia, add some chemical flavoring, some bread crumbs, and some hydrogenated oil to fry in and you get yourself some yummy chicken nuggets!

On the other hand after  a while I started hearing all this about “Pink Slime Beef” at McDonald’s and how they are banning it and all. I was confused, people were using the above picture describing this “pink slime” beef, but I thought it was chicken? What’s the deal?  So I researched using the trusty google and what did I find but this picture:

Pink Slime Beef

In this undated image released by Beef Products Inc., boneless lean beef trimmings are shown before packaging (aka “pink slime”). (AP Photo/Beef Products Inc.)

Well this is where things got worse. This stuff is just as bad as the pink slime from above only its much much more readily served up in the good old USA.

According to a recent ABC News report, 70 percent of ground beef sold in supermarkets contains beef trimmings better known as ‘pink slime.’ Whistleblower and former United States Department of Agriculture scientist, Gerald Zirnstein, claims, “It’s economic fraud. It’s not fresh ground beef… It’s a cheap substitute being added in.”

Zirstein claims that he and other USDA scientists warned against using the substitute, but that government bosses overruled their objections.

Pink slime’ is beef trimmings. It is made from waste trimmings that are simmered at a low heat until the fat separates from the muscle. It is run through a machine to separate the fat and muscle then it is sent through pipes where it is sprayed with ammonia before being packaged into meat bricks. The bricks are then frozen and sent to grocery stores where it is added to most ground beef as a filler.

The ABC News report claims that there are no labels on ground beef packages at the supermarket to warn consumers of the ‘pink slime’ because of USDA links to the beef industry which has labeled the product as meat.

More than likely, if you eat conventional meats at all , you have been eating this pink slime and so much worse than that. You are most likely eating:

  • traces of antibiotics
  • added hormones
  • traces of vaccines
  • meat whose main meals consists of genetically modified corn
  • meat that is mixed with thousands of cattle (higher possibility of contamination)
  • cows, pigs, and chickens who stand in their feces all day and all night.
  • the list goes on and on!

If you are looking for a different option, for a change! I recommend eating grassed organic Beef, (Grazing cows who eat only grass and other greens such as forbs, herbs, and legumes), the grazing land they are on should organic with no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers.  No antibiotics, hormones or vaccines should be used on the cattle.

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3 thoughts on “Pink Slime in Chicken vs. Pink Slime in Beef – Confusing Anyone?

      1. Rick Romero

        Where do you see a ‘meat processor’ in any of those yogurt images? You can barely even see the outlet pipe in the best image. As far as we know, there’s a person pushing wet insulation through there.

        And I don’t get how you follow “That’s a picture of chicken, not beef – what are they doing?” with “Of course it’s not ice cream, I found the image on the internet!” ?


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