Anti-GMO Action Steps

How can I help rid the world of GMO Foods?

Here are some daily anti-gmo steps that you can do to truly make a difference:

  • Say no to Genetically Modified Foods!Vote with your dollars!  Make it a priority to buy non-GMO items at grocery stores, restaurants or online food stores.
  • Speak to grocery store managers to request that they stock more non-GMO items.  Store managers will likely be uninformed about GMOs, and this is your chance to educate them about the dangers of genetically modified foods.   Once they become aware and informed, they’ll be able to share the information with fellow managers and workers and with other shoppers.  When we take the time to help educate just one person, that information spreads out in a ripple effect!
  • While you’re eating out, ask servers and managers if they have non-GMO items available.  Again, this is your chance to educate others and help spread the word about GMOs!
  • Contact corporate offices of grocery stores and restaurants to ask about their GMO policies.  Let them know that you won’t purchase items that contain GMO ingredients.
  • Contact corporate offices of companies that produce food, and ask if their products contain GMOs.  Let them know that you won’t buy their products if they use Genetically Modified ingredients.  This is especially important with regard to organic dairy products.  Write to the companies and let them know that if they include GMO alfalfa in their supply chain, then you won’t buy their products.  As consumers, we really have all the power to stop GMO alfalfa! Genetically Modified AlfalfaIf companies know that consumers won’t buy their products, then they’ll find sources for organic alfalfa. And it’s the same with other food products, as well.  If we make it clear that we won’t buy products that contain Genetically engineered ingredients, the companies will listen.  This is another action that needs to be done continuously.  Contacting a company just once won’t be enough!
  • As much as you possibly can, buy organic.  When we buy organic products, we’re supporting organic agriculture, and we’re choosing foods that are healthier for our families and us. (If you are interested, you can order organic food online here: Beyond Organic Foods and Beverages)
  • Plant a garden, and buy seeds only from companies that have taken the “Safe Seed Pledge,” which insures that their seeds are GMO-free.  Even if you don’t have a lot of space, you can plant a small garden or a container garden.  When you grow your own organic vegetables, you know they’re safe, fresh, delicious, and nutritious!
  • Write letters to the editors of your local newspaper.
  • Post anti-gmo articles or flyers on every bulletin board you can think of.
  • Stay informed and up to date on correct information about GMOs.  Jeffrey Smith, the leading expert on GMOs, has two excellent websites: The Institute for Responsible Technology ( and Seeds of Deception (
  • If possible, give your financial support to the organizations that are working to protect us all by taking Monsanto to court.  The Center for Food Safety (and other groups, as well) are currently involved in lawsuits against Monsanto, and they need our financial support to continue this work.
  • Share information with friends and family.  Encourage them to read and become educated about GMOs.  As more and more people become aware, more voices will be raised in protest, and more consumers will demand non-GMO food items at grocery stores and restaurants.
  • Call and email your state and federal representatives and senators to ask them to support labeling of genetically modified foods.  This needs to be an ongoing effort.  Just one letter or call won’t do it!  Make it a priority to continue to write and call, and ask others to do the same.
  • We also need to send emails and make calls regarding other GMO issues, and these calls and emails can also go to the President, the USDA, and the FDA:
    • Concact USDA about GMO foodsDemand that the approval for GM alfalfa be rescinded.
    • Insist that organic farmers be given protection from GMO contamination.
    • Ask why Congress continues to take PAC money from Monsanto while it ignores the demands of the citizens.
    • Ask why our government is ignoring the critical importance of genetic diversity and is allowing GMO crops and their contamination to continue—putting the environment and all of us at grave risk.
    • Demand to know why the government is not insisting on third party testing of GMO food products.
    • Insist that our right to pure, safe, organic food must be a top priority.
    • Stay informed about current legislation that has to do with GMOs, organic farming, and other related issues.  Call and email congress, the president, the USDA, and any other officials who are involved.  Make your voice heard!
    • These are only a few of the important issues.  There are many more.
  • Even when it seems discouraging, never doubt that we can accomplish our goals.  If we stand together and keep up our efforts, we will make a difference!

Did I miss anything? Please let me know if I did, It’s VERY Important. (comment below)

(Special Thanks to Millions Against Monsanto: )

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