“All Natural” Foods : The Deceptive Myth Exposed

Natural Products ExposedThere is no doubt you have been deceived.

If you have any type of health conscience, you may shop at such stores as Trader Joes, Whole Food’s Market, or some other upscale grocery store.  As you walk up and down the aisles you will see some organic products, but mostly you’ll see hundreds of beautifully marketed non-organic products with labels advertising in huge letters:  “NATURAL.” Do not be deceived…

Companies selling these products are telling you what you want to hear and its by  no accident. All these “natural” “all-natural” or “sustainable” products are never backed by rules and regulations.  These products are the same conventional foods produced by large corporations, on mega-farms and processsing plants-very polluting, energy-non-friendly, and often laced with unnatural chemicals.

When tested in the lab, these “natural” foods aren’t even close to organic. You will find things like GMO *Genetically Modified organisms, pesticide residues, and all kinds of additives, preservatives, and carcinogens (cancer causers!).

When you go back to the “farm” for these products, you find chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and all kinds of greedy practices like exploited farm workers and unsustainable farming practices.

If you are health-minded, you know how dangerous these types of foods are and how malicious all this deceit really is. While people think they are getting healthier foods, instead they are paying much higher for the same old garbage and worse, their health could be paying the real price.
Here are some real-life examples:

  • MYTH: Wendy’s “Natural” cut fries with sea salt – TRUTH: fries are sprayed with chemicals, coated with corn-derived dextrose, and fried in a silicone-based chemical additive.
  • MYTH: “natural” agave nectar – TRUTH: is made up of highly-refined sweetener: fructose
  • MYTH:Dean Foods “natural” yogurt – TRUTH: company will not say if products are produced without pesticides, herbicides, or antibiotics or GMO feed crops.
  • MYTH: “natural” peanut butter – TRUTH: often contains processed palm oils or other types of oils.

Stop being fooled! Unless you have no other choice, Do Not Purchase these so-called “natural” products.  Buy trusted, and certified “Organic” products every time you shop.  Know where your food is coming from. Educate your friends and families.  If more people purchase the real stuff, the demand will increase and companies that are offering genuine healthy foods will prosper (and so will your health.)   Demand that all companies label their GMO products as such! Google: “lable gmos” and cooperate with organizations out there trying to protect our health from “green-washing” swindlers. Beware: Monsanto prowls around like a roaring lion.

Thank you to all the bloggers, news outlets, and all the educated people out there that are getting this message out.
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13 thoughts on ““All Natural” Foods : The Deceptive Myth Exposed

  1. hebronacres

    If we are to create a new food economy, then it will be important to shift our dollars from grocery stores to farmers markets, CSAs, and other direct-from-farmer arrangement. We have to speak with our dollar, which is the only language anyone seems to understand these days.

    I’m not saying we should abandon social and political activism, but to really fix the broken food system, consumers need to change their purchasing habits.

    Great post, Paul.

    1. Try Living Beyond Organic - Paul Martinez Post author

      I agree with you on shifting our dollars, still, people are going to be shopping at grocery stores forever. If we all start hitting the farmers markets, the farmers markets will soon have to figure out ways to mass produce. But I think your point is that by shifting our dollars, hopefully the ‘Big guys” will take a hint from the “little guys” and change their practices around instead of just adding a nice “natural” label and hopping on the green bandwagon as a whitewashed tomb.

  2. lantanagurl

    I posted this on my own blog, with full credit to you, of course:) Just goes to show you the only safe food is the stuff you grow in your own garden and that which one gets from the local farmers market from farmers you know:)

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  7. Becci Householder

    I am in the middle of my journey towards a balanced healthy lifestyle. I am ovewhelmed by all the facts and info. ~ can’t remember it all, but I will take one day at a time. I have decided to stop rebelling in the care of my body. It’s not easy to change and learn a new way of thinking and preparing foods to be healthy yet still enjoyable. I am shocked, overwhemed, and saddend how far the food industry has gone away from what is good for us. Thank you for educating America and the world on TBN, your books, and website, etc.. I am proud of you. Good work!

  8. Emily

    I really need to learn more About Beyond Organic products and everything bout. Pls help it’s very important to me and my family. Sorry I misspell my name previously ok.
    Emily Bell


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