Jordan Rubin’s Prayer for You

Jordan Rubin's Prayer on TBN Show "Living Beyond Organic"If you’ve watched any of Jordan Rubin’s new TV show, “Living Beyond Organic” which airs fridays on TBN  you may have noticed the amazing prayer at the end.

Jordan Rubin suffered from an illness that almost took his life, with God’s help and eating healthier foods he was able to transform his health. He has since done everything he could to bring this message of wellness to others. Now he has started his own organic food/beverage company called Beyond Organic (more info click here).  Jordan has recorded a beautiful Biblical prayer which he prays each and everyday and this video is below. Under the video are the words. 

Jordan Rubin – “This is My Prayer For You”

“Today, I pray:
That like Job, God would surround you with a hedge of protection and that you would have greater blessings in the latter part of your life, from this day forward.

That like Abraham, you would grow wealthy with cattle, gold and silver.

That like Issac, you plant a field and reap a hundred fold harvest.

That like Jacob, with wisdom and discernment you would grow your flocks and your herds.

That like Joseph, the dream that Gods’ given you, would be, Salvation to many.

That like Moses, the Lord would reveal Himself to you and show you His glory.

That like Bezalel, who helped build the tabernacle, that the Lord would annoint you for the specific task that He has called you to accomplish.

That like Joshua, God would fill you with the Spirit of Wisdom.

That like The Children of Israel, you live in lands that you didn’t buy, with barns and houses that you didn’t build, drinking from springs and wells that you didn’t know existed and eating from vineyards that you didn’t plant, that He would bless the fruit of your trees, the grass of your fields and the calves of your herds, that He would bring the spring and autumn rains, and that there would be none sick among you and none barren.

That like David, God would give you a blueprint of what He would like you to build for Him.

That like Solomon, He would give you a wise and understanding heart.

That like Uzziah, there would be good men caring for your cattle in the foothills and that you would have a love and understanding of the soil.

That like Daniel, God would give you ten times the widom, favor and discernment of all those that don’t know Him.

and That like Peter, you cast your net on the right side of the boat and catch 153 fish.

In Jesus Name, This is my prayer for you.”


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9 thoughts on “Jordan Rubin’s Prayer for You

  1. maria veniza viray

    Hi I always watch your show in TBN i would like to ask how can I get or buy your book Living Beyond Organic,Thank you and God bless!

  2. jennifer klinker

    I pray that mr rubin you read this iv read your book the great physician’s rx and your story is what we are in prayer for my husband is in pain with aone of a kind of nervous disorder that is disroying is nervous system and had he with gods strength is fighting it we have small children but he is loosing hope and faith I keep praying for someone to come into our life and I came across your story I now you are a busy person but I pray
    you could met or help him doctors are amazing they have tryed everything he is only 32 he prays to get better and go back to work to through a football with our son the kids can’t even touch him anymore do the pain his faith and heart is so strong he bares and endorsed every one it of pain just to hug us

  3. Christine Kasper

    Shalom…I just saw your whole program on TBN and I do desire to change my life to be more like Jesus…Healthy like Jesus! I have been doing some of the things you presented but because I am now alittle older and recently worked in a place that used to like to encourage people to get well but is now so depressing to see how unhealthy we all are because we did not change our lifestyle years ago and have reaped what we sown. Pills and MD appts are their lifestyle. Thank you for being faithful to our Lord Jesus and sharing His ways to be healthy for His life He wants for me! I love the prayer you even posted on your website…I am going to print it and pray over me and my family…and the world! Shalom…Christine

  4. rimma

    dear family in Christ. i found jordan rubin prayer! can you tell me were did you get such a beautifull musik that is playing while jordan is praying for us? if it is OK to know. thanks for everything a lot! tinoco’s family.

  5. Catrin

    Dear Jordan,
    For all you do, may the Lord bless you a 1000 fold according to Deut 11:1 and may we be the people he has called us to be – prosperous and in health, even as our souls prosper. 3 John 2.

    Blessings always!

  6. Brenda Anderson

    I watched your show today for the first time. I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to turn on TBN. I saw the title of your show and started watching it. When you got to the prayer at the end I started crying. It felt like it was my personal prayer to claim! You are a great warrior for Jesus Christ, GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR MINISTRY!!


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