I’m Addicted to Organic Food! HELP!

Addicted to eating organic?Are you the type of person who immediately dry heaves if you hear the word “Mcdonald’s”? Does your heart flutter if someone mentions kale. Do you tilt your head and sob a little if you realize that the food you just ate wasn’t 100% grassfed organic.  What you may have is what some are calling “orthorexia nervosa” and its a documented disorder.

While not nearly as life-threatening as anorexia or bulimia, the fixation with a perceived “pure” state believed to be achieved by obsessively regulating the quality of food, orthorexia is now seen as a possible “gateway diet” to the more serious eating disorders or even the development of other obsessive-compulsive behaviors. Like the anorexia, orthorexics tend to be overly self-critical, obsessed with body image, fixated on the foods, and ironically deny that this behavior in itself is just plain unhealthy.

Avoiding toxic pesticides, preservatives and harmful genetically modified foods is a legitimate lifestyle choice. There are many known risks to consuming pesticides, BPA and artificial sweeteners like aspartame, for example. And, we are indeed a nation obsessively over-eating, especially processed junk food. So making conscientious choices for yourself and your family have maybe never been more important. Be sure to know the difference between reading labels to avoid high fructose corn syrup and avoiding certain foods with a militant stringency; cooking at home because it’s economical and healthy versus eating specific foods prepared in a certain way; inspecting the appearance of ingredients (like fresh or clean) versus seeking out the perceived “healthiest” option. And always consult with a physician if you feel you may have any kind of eating disorder. 

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Watch a living testimony on eating organic and healthy.




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