Does Beyond Organic ship to Canada?

Beyond Organic in Canada?Some people from Canada have been asking whether Beyond Organic, the brand new organic food company started by Jordan Rubin ships to Canada. Well the official response is this:

We are not set up to ship to Canada at this time. The only way a Canadian person could be involved is if they have a US Social Security number and a US shipping address.

Certainly Canada will be one of the first countries Beyond Organic will expand into.

If you live in the United States and would like to get involved today please shoot me an email:  or visit my Beyond Organic website here:    if interested in the business side of Beyond Organic click here.

3 thoughts on “Does Beyond Organic ship to Canada?

  1. Denise Johnson

    Please let me know when you are planning on expanding into Canada. My husband and I would love to become distributors.

    Thank you,
    Denise Johnson

  2. Donna Ranville

    i am not a dual citizen and do not have a social security number in USA, so how can i get the products. do i need to have them shipped to family in USA and have them ship them to me??? how can i get these products


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