America’s Grocery Budget over the Years with #Infographic

What’s your grocery budget?

America's Grocery BudgetI believe people need to recognize that food itself has been changed to be mass produced and has become cheaper, thus helping the wealth of the country but also decreasing the quality of food dramatically. Finally in these recent years, the public has said enough is enough! We want better food! We are tired of genetically modified food made to be sprayed with pesticides and other contaminates and processed to kingdom come before getting to our dinner table. We want BETTER FOOD!! And our wallet is what talks in this day and age.

We must purchase whole organic food that isn’t tainted by corporate greed and a means to a bottom line.  Right now one company is striving to provide wholesome food that is as natural as it was in the 1800’s! It’s called Beyond Organic and its called that because it goes beyond the minimum requirements of “organic food” and goes straight to the old world production methods and right to the most natural way of doing things.

Check it out if you haven’t yet:

Below is an infographic that shows a historic look at America’s Spending habits when it comes to groceries. (Keep in mind that a lot of the changes in spending has to do with how much food costs too, not just how much income we make)

America's Grocery Spending Habits

Source (click this link to see larger version):

In conclusion, We went from spending close to 30% of our paychecks on food in the 50’s, now we only spend close to 13% of our income on “food”.  Its no wonder when the majority of our food consists of genetically modified corn, soy, wheat, processed foods, and commercial meats whose main source of diet consists of the same corn.  These have been proven to bring on new allergies and are very unhealthy. We need to wake up and realize that its worth our money to eat healthy!

Right now you can get organic staple foods like organic grassfed beef, organic cheese, organic dairy drink, organic chocolate, fresh spring water and other beverages shipped to your door straight from the farm. I’m talking about Beyond Organic.   A new company already shipping and already having lots of satisified customers. Check out the product line today by clicking here: Beyond Organic Food and Beverages. (You can get the food for wholesale and even get your food for free by sharing the good news about the company with your friends)

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  1. Amy Pearson

    If you want to increase your knowledge on GMOs and genetically engineered foods your interests most likely also include how to avoid the purchasing and consuming of these products.

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